Korchina Group has the very dynamic history since it started logistics business 1994.
The group has grown up from a Hong Kong based forwarder to the solution provider in logistics, offshore company management, insurance, trading and retail business.
Reviewing the past 17 years, the sales turnover has increased annually over 20 percent, and we achieved USD150 million of turnover in 2010 financial year. At present Korchina group runs 37 overseas branches and employs 1000 staff over the world.
This successful record results in clients' satisfaction and strong relationship. The group has always put top priority on solution development. In order to match with the customer's demand, we are eager to innovate our work process through creative and challenge mind.
We would appreciate very much if you give us the opportunity to prove our competence.

Best Regards
Eric E.K. Sun
Managing Director
Korchina Logistics Holding Limited.
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